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The aim of this page is to offer the AIA-LA society’s members a tool to connect and engage with current and ongoing online archaeological initiatives, activities, lectures, meetings and webinars!

Winter 2023

Jan 9-10th – Final Registration Available for Institute of Andean Studies Meetings (Virtual, Free, and Open to Public)

Jan. 15th (Sun) 2:00pm PT – “Ten Fingers And Ten Toes: Disability And Infanticide In Ancient Greece” (Hybrid)

Jan. 17th (Tue) 7:00pm PT – “The Good Kings: Absolute Power In Ancient Egypt And The Modern World” (Online)

Jan. 21st (Sat.) 2:00pm PT – “Understanding Ancient Nubia from Antiquity to Today” (Hybrid, Getty Villa)

Jan. 29th (Sun) 2:00pm PT – “Have Confidence in the Sea: Archaeologies of Marronage” (Hybrid)

March 5th (Sun.) 2pm PT – “Goddesses, Whores, Vampyres, and Archaeologists: Uncovering Ancient Mytilene” – AIA-LA Lecture by Dr. Hector Williams (UCB)

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The Ancient Methone Archaeological Project: The Movie is now available ONLINE

John K. Papadopoulos and Jeff Vanderpool

For more information about the project click here

NATIONAL AIA WEBINARS are now available online!

Check out the national website for a full list of all upcoming lectures!

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