AIA – Los Angeles Society

Founded in 1903 the AIA – LA society is one of the oldest AIA chapters in the USA.

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Launched in December 2020 the AIA-LA Virtual Book Talks Series is now available online!

Prof. Paul Scotton, Imperial Cult, Imperial Power, and The Julian Basilica in Corinth.


Courtesy of Paphos Theatre Archaeology Project (paphostheatre.org)

The AIA – LA chapter offers scholarships to local students who wish to engage in archaeological fieldwork activities.

Lectures, Webinars and Meetings

Our yearly agenda of lectures, conferences, symposia and social events is now available on-line!

News From the Field

Current excavations and research projects across the globe. The latest archaeological news and recent most important discoveries.

Archaeological video news

Eight Byzantine Shipwrecks from the Lost Harbor of Theodosius


The AIA – LA Chapter is an independent organization created and managed by AIA members to advance the Institute’s mission of promoting public understanding and appreciation of archaeology and our shared humanity within local communities.

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